Installing Cloud Wiki

Step 1: Install Python, with SQLite support

See Python, SQLite, and Pysqlite for package-specific information on installing these packages.

If you will be installing Cloud Wiki globally, you will need Python 2.4 -- the disutils package prior to version 2.4 did not provide functionality for installing data files as a part of the package. If you want to just run Cloud Wiki out of an arbitrary directory, you can use the more widely deployed Python 2.3, for now.

While Cloud Wiki has been developed with SQLite 2.8.15, other versions that are binary compatible with SQLite's database format should be fine.

Step 2: Download and Untar Cloud Wiki

Download the latest cloud wiki release from Sourceforge, and untar it.

Step 3: Install Cloud Wiki to the Site Package directory

If you want to install Cloud Wiki globally, execute the following command from the cloudwiki-1.0 directory:

python install

You will probably want to install Cloud Wiki globally if you intend to run multiple wikis simultaneously, especially if you will be running them under multiple user accounts. If you will only be running one or two wikis, you may want to consider running Cloud Wiki from the build directory directly.

Step 4: Create a Wiki Directory

If you installed Cloud Wiki as a site package, you will need to create a directory to hold your wiki's database, and log file. If you will be just running Cloud Wiki locally, you can just skip this step and run it from the cloudwiki-1.0 directory.

Step 5: Initialize your Wiki.

Cloud Wikis are administered using a single command line utility, "cloud-wiki", which can either be found in your PATH, or in the scripts subdirectory of cloudwiki-1.0. Documentation on the cloud-wiki tool is available via "cloud-wiki help"

For every wiki, at the very lease, you will want to execute the following command first, which will initialize a new database (the -i option), and "config"ure the site's name and http port.

cloud-wiki -i config site-title:"Wiki Title" http-port:8080

Step 6: Start your Wiki

Cloud Wiki records your server's process ID in the database, and can be used to stop, start, restart and kill your server as necessary. To start serving content, simply enter the following:

cloud-wiki start

Step 7: Profit!

Enjoy your new Wiki! If you have any problems, please, feel free to contact me at sdunlop at

This page is a part of the cloud wiki manual.